Your guide is on its way to your inbox... BUT FIRST, wanna know how to settle a fussy newborn into peaceful sleep?


that even the most fussy (or wide-awake-sleep-refusing) newborns cannot resist!

Settling a newborn is NOT what you think...

It does not mean getting a baby to stop crying.

It does not mean rocking until baby falls asleep in your arms.

And, it does not mean bouncing, strolling, driving, or sitting an infant seat on a washing machine to calm baby down.

(as it relates to sleep) means...

helping baby settle down, get drowsy, and fall asleep...

IN THEIR OWN sleeping space....

without crying, whining, melodrama, and tears (baby's or yours!)

at a time of your choosing (based on age appropriate wake windows and their tired cues!)

Our Newborn Settling Guide teaches sustainable sleep solutions for worn out mamas who want their newborns to sleep (without the stress and tears!).

You'll learn how to settle baby down, in his or her own sleeping space (for naps and bedtime) AND how to settle from short naps, night, and early morning wakings!

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In our Newborn Settling Guide, I will show you specific step-by-step - strategies that create sustainable sleep habits.

AND... it's a bonus that newborns who sleep well turn into babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and children who sleep well.

How to settle a crying baby into sleep in their own sleeping space

Why babies wake up when you "trick them" by putting them to sleep in your arms and then transferring them to their crib... and what you should do instead

My S.L.E.E.P.Y.S. method of how to decipher a newborn's cry (as it relates to sleep) and how to respond

What to do for babies who hate being swaddled (but still need to feel safe and cozy)

Ways to transfer a sleeping baby to the crib (without causing waking) if you aren't ready to give up the rocking

How gassy tummies & reflux play into sleep struggles and exactly what to do to help settle baby regardless

Hello, my name is Rachel Norman, certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, and I am obsessed with sleep.

From childhood I'd jump into my bed (jump from a few feet away, obviously, in case there were snakes under there), curl up under the covers, smile to myself, then drift off into dreamland.

I grew up, got married, had 5 kids in 5 years and wanted my children to love sleep as much as I did. We had healthy sleep routines with plenty of snuggles, kisses and bedtime stories.

Somewhere in there I became a certified sleep consultant, Language of Listening® parent coach, and founder of the popular blog, A Mother Far From Home.

I've helped thousands of mamas and their newborns get the sleep they need.

Our NEWBORN SETTLING GUIDE will teach you (and dad, nana, gigi, the nanny, whoever) exactly how to settle your precious newborn, you'll ALSO GET the following bestselling bonuses from my shop.

When you purchase the Newborn Settling Guide, you'll also get $57 worth of FREE bonuses!

BONUS #1: Gathering A Support Team PLAYBOOK ($19 value)

Spouse not on board? Single mom? Feeling lonely but KNOW you need to do this? I'll show you how to gather a support team to help you through.

Got a spouse who isn't supportive of your choices? I'll share tips how to get support from your loved ones and support circles.

Going at it alone? No worries, you can do this, mama, and I'll show you how. Even if you are juggling other kids in the process.

BONUS #2: Sleep Train In A Weekend GUIDE ($19 value)

Whether you are going back to work, have a procedure or surgery coming up, are having another baby, going away, etc. sometimes we need to make changes and we need to do them quickly.

Need fast results with minimal disruption? This guide will help.

Got other siblings you don't want interrupted during training? I'll share how to handle siblings to minimize disruptions.

Get a timeline for a weekend reset and expectations of results.

BONUS #3: Routine Rescue Pack ($19 value)

Our family's daily routines make the world go round. This pack will help you get your entire family's routines in order to meet everyone's needs well.

Family routine planning sheets to help block plan your weeks and months

Video training on how to organize your days with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers for everyone to be well rested and happy

Self care habit tracking sheets and journal prompts

Get $57 worth of bonuses for FREE when you purchase the Newborn Settling Guide!

Ready to move past manic naptimes and bedtimes?

Let me help your family get peaceful sleep (for you and baby!) with the Newborn Settling Guide!

Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Newborn Settling Guide:

Step-by-step guide to settling a newborn baby ($27)

S.L.E.E.P.Y.S. guide to understanding a baby's cries as they relate to sleep (and what to do about them) ($7)

Video demonstrations ($17)

BONUS: Gathering A Support Team ($19 value)

BONUS: Sleep Train In A Weekend Guide ($19 value)

​BONUS: Routine Rescue Pack ($19 value)

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*This is a special limited time offer price and the class cannot be found at this price anywhere else on my site or shop! *

This doesn't have to be you...

The Newborn Settling Guide will help your baby actually sleep like a baby!

Will my baby cry?

This settling guide teaches you how to settle baby EVEN IF THEY ARE CRYING so... the more they cry the more you can comfort and the sooner they'll STOP CRYING at nap and bedtimes. :)

Is it available immediately?

Peer reviewed studies (and my own experience with thousands of babies, and my mentors with over 10,000) the biggest changes occur during the first three days.

Is this a baby sleep class?

This is for babies aged 1 hour to 4 months. 😊

Does this method involve cry-it-out?

No, cry-based strategies are hands off. This guide provides you with hands-on settling techniques that allows you to settle baby so they can go to sleep in their own sleep space.

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*This is a special limited time offer price and the class cannot be found at this price anywhere else on my site or shop! *

Don't spend months (years!!) sleep deprived and feeling out of control.

The Newborn Settling Guide gives you simple step-by-step guidance and specific settling strategies to help your newborn get to sleep.

You need to know how to comfort and settle your little lamb if they protest naps, are not interested in bedtime, wake early, or just plain ole refuse to sleep when you know they need to.

My research based strategies have helped thousands of babies.

Let the suffering end tonight :)

Join the thousands of mothers before you who've used my sleep strategies to take their little lamb from crying, fussing, and exhaustion to... sleeping like babies.

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